HARBOR intelligence is the global leader in tinplate market analysis and price forecast.

Our company offers the following services:


Gain a competitive edge with our Tinplate Market Intelligence Reports, which delivers reliable insights on tinplate prices and market trends to help you make informed decisions and optimize your planning.

Our service includes:

Comprehensive analysis of the primary factors driving current and projected tinplate prices.

Up-to-date access to the latest tinplate statistics and news.

And much more.


This service provides in-depth and detail analysis of the tinplate production costs structure of the main tinplate mills around the world.

This service offers:

Detailed breakdown of the costs to produce one ton of tinplate in every stage of the production process from raw materials to final tinplate product.

The capability to calculate the variation of the production cost since your last tinplate purchase.

Among others.


Our Market Research Unit conducts develops "Tailor made" studies according to the requirements of a specific client. Our expertise in the tinplate industry allow us to deliver un rival insight and practical results to meet your specific goals.


We can provide you with a proposal for any research or consultancy job, no matter the size of the project.